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        Welcome to Henan Yue you Medical Technology Co., Ltd.!

        Look at the path and Prospect of precise cardiovascular medicine


        The hot precision medicine has a simple goal of 18 words: precise diagnosis and treatment of patients, reduction of medical waste, and avoidance of patient damage. However, the way to the goal is not smooth. The field of cardiovascular disease, which is now on the path of precision medicine exploration, is also sunny and rainy.

        Explore the way

        As early as July 2015, "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Precision Medical Union for Cardiovascular Diseases" held a launching ceremony in Capital Medical University. Public information shows that the goal of the alliance and the work content is around the precise medical model, a collection of three dominant resources, from the government, universities, hospitals, enterprises and other aspects to carry out multi sectoral linkage, with three clinical and cardiovascular medical research institutions based in Beijing City, cardiovascular major diseases according to the Collaborative Innovation Center To achieve regional synergy in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and establish a precise medical research system for cardiovascular diseases.

        After more than a year in December 2016, the National Cardiovascular Disease Center Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Fuwai Hospital and cardiovascular branch of Chinese Medical Association held a "China precise cardiology summit", when more than 300 medical experts and colleagues arrived at the scene, with the precision of medical and cardiovascular diseases as the theme of each one airs his own views.

        There are quite a number of specialized activities, and the speeches on related topics are all in a dazzling array.

        For example, 2016 held in Chengdu in the second session of the Nobel laureates summit and the Forum on Sino US medical academy, Tianjin cardiovascular medicine union chairman, director of An Zhen Hospital of Beijing Medical Center Du Jie precision, as a cardiovascular disease expert on speech, the latest research in the field of cardiovascular medicine share.

        To discuss and explore the current in the industry, a relative consensus is that the so-called precision medicine, with individualized medical treatment as the basis, with the rapid progress of genome sequencing technology, new medical mode and cross application of biological information and data science and developed.

        Many people think that the medical field based on clinical phenotype, genomics, proteomics, big data and cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology, to promote the research and application of cardiovascular medicine, will bring new opportunities for morbidity and mortality, reduce cardiovascular disease for early warning and intervention on cardiovascular disease.

        It is not difficult to see that precision medicine is not limited to big data, but it can not do without big data.


        Academician Chen Runsheng attended Chinese precision cardiology summit has pointed out that the core foundation of medicine is a combination of science and medicine group data, the group of big data into clinical medicine. Thanks to promote medicine, past medical system will change, the medical system will pass forward.

        Specific to the practice, prior to diagnosis and treatment, patient oriented health care system will be changed to health insurance, mainly for universal health care system. Academician Chen Runsheng believes that the derivative effect of the above changes should further promote the development of three major industries: one is to promote the establishment of a million-scale biological sample database and database; the other is to promote the development of sequencing industry represented by genomic data analysis; and the third is to promote the emerging medical molecular diagnosis and drug targets related to diseases. Design related industry development. In his view, precision medicine is just on the way, and because of this, challenges and opportunities coexist. For example, the gene sequence in non encoding region 97% are still need to explore and study, the unknown is China's precise medical industry challenges and opportunities where.

        Professor Hui Rutai is also optimistic about the future of cardiovascular precision medicine. She is the cardiovascular branch of precision cardiology group leader, former vice president of the Academy of Medical Sciences Fuwai Hospital Chinese Chinese medical association.

        According to a report on Xinhua. com, under the leadership of Professor Hui Rutai, the Accurate Cardiovascular Disease Research Group of the Society of Cardiovascular Diseases of the Chinese Medical Association will work with the whole country in the fields of early gene diagnosis, risk stratification, sudden death prediction, genetic blockade, drug targets for complex cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Beginning with drug selection and other issues, we will conduct in-depth research and devote ourselves to the establishment of a precise clinical transformation application system for cardiovascular diseases with Chinese characteristics. We will also carry out extensive education for doctors and patients, formulate clinical guidelines to guide the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, reduce family heredity and reduce birth defects of cardiovascular diseases. The occurrence of subsidence.

        It is worth mentioning that Dujie, who is exploring the way, also has a unique view on precision medicine. In his view, precision medicine combines genome project, DNA sequencing technology and large data analysis to interpret genetic information, predict molecular function, develop targeted drugs and correct wrong mutations, and ultimately achieves four "Right Time": Right Patient, Right Treatment. Suitable treatment), Right dose (precise dose).

        According to this principle, the actions of cardiovascular disease prevention and control are to achieve disease susceptibility screening, risk factor intervention, genetic aided diagnosis and genetic-based diagnosis, as well as the treatment of genetic mutation before marriage, pregnancy, implantation, prenatal and symptomatic stages, early stage and disease stage.

        Bottleneck and key

        It is an indisputable fact that precision medicine is a promising means to subvert medical technology in the future, but its development process is also accompanied by opportunities and challenges. Basic research and clinical application still have a long way to go.

        Boston children's Hospital Affiliated to Harvard University medical school professor Wu Bailin had publicly said that not all medicine projects are more tall on the better, large and small is also very necessary, but also get people and

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